Congratulations on your engagement!

Planning for a wedding can be a stressful time for your body and mind.

Whether you are celebrating the big day by eloping, saying "I do" in your best friend's backyard, or designing a Martha Stewart-style bash, you will want radiant, glowing skin.

We, Sarah Jung Spa, will help you prepare for your special day with the best possible condition, ensuring you are ready for a joyful and beautiful wedding.

  • Course A - $770

    5 sessions including:

    • x3 Super Hydro Lifting Care
    • x1 Power Tree V Line Care
    • x1 Facial Sculpting
  • Course B - $865

    5 sessions including:

    • x1 HIFU Super Lifting Care
    • x2 Super Hydro Lifting Care
    • x1 Facial Sculpting
    • x1 IPL
  • Course C - $1430

    7 sessions including:

    • HIFU Super Lifting Care
    • Super Hydro Lifting Care
    • Power Tree V Line Care
    • Facial Sculpting
    • Facial Scaling
    • 3D Contour Care
    • AMTS

*Please note that adding options may result in price changes.

*Receive a complimentary Groom Facial Program (45 min) with the purchase of a Bridal Care Package

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