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Welcome to Sarah Jung Spa

At Sarah Jung spa,our goal is to offer you specialized skin care, facials and body treatment customized to your individual needs and concerns.

Sarah Jung began her career in skin and body care and esthetics in the busy streets of Kang Nam in Korea 23 years ago. Having dealt with multiple skin issues and acne herself, she understands the complexity of skin issues.  This has led her to pursue further training and education in this area, allowing her to specialize in skin and body care.

Inviting and friendly staff at Sarah Jung Spa look forward to seeing you!

If you have any questions , don’t hesitate to call at 604-636-8377


  • I received body care from Sarah and her team and the result was phenomenal. Very professional and courteous. I highly recommend this spa.

    Brian Lee

  • I tired Spa&Skincare in many differnet place
    but the satisfaction of service and customer service is excellent here. I have been going to her since she opened this place.
    Sarah always gives me the best advice, knowledgeable and caring
    and I trust her completely!
    The facial and massage is always the best,
    highly recommended and I love my results 


  • Best price and best service. The price is better than what I expected. I tried body massage as a postpartumcare. It really helps me recover quickly.

    Cindy Ahn