Welcome to Sarah Jung Spa

At Sarah Jung Spa, we believe in the power of personalized skincare and body care.

Our mission is to provide tailored treatments that not only enhance your skin's radiance but also promote overall well-bing.

Our story

Hello, this is Sarah, the owner of Sarah Jung Spa.

When I was young, my skin was so severely affected by acne that it would completely cover my face.

I suffered from acne-prone skin for a whopping 17 years. During that time, I became averse to meeting people, and looking at my skin in the mirror was truly difficult.

Based on over 20 years of experience working in aesthetics, I dedicated myself to studying more and improving my skills, so that my own skin could gradually shine again.

Walking the path of an aesthetician that started due to acne, I studied and applied myself diligently, which allowed me to acquire skills related to other skin issues as well. This experience became the foundation for me to open a well-established skincare shop, Sarah Jung Spa, in 2012.

On important fact I learned while studying about skin is that our internal health is connected to our skin. Having once lost my health, I understand the value of health even better.

That's why I know that rather than generic body care, it's much more effective to provide body care tailored to our own body condition.

With a sincere desire to help restore the damaged bodies of our customers, I have continuously researched and developed body care programs as well.

To continue being Sarah Jung Spa, responsible for your health and skin, I am constantly researching and gaining experience.

Let's protect your skin and internal health together with Sarah Jung Spa!