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INCELLDERM Vieton Multi Stick Balm

INCELLDERM Vieton Multi Stick Balm

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INCELLDERM Vieton Multi Stick Balm is a multi-use, moisturizing balm that replenishes skin cells and creates firmer, more youthful skin. With a volume of 9 g / 0.31 oz, this balm is special because it creates radiant skin with deep moisturization and a glowing finish. Its light texture is excellent for moisture retention, infusing the skin with moisture and vitamins. It has completed a 25 human subject test criteria proving the balm provided Immediate skin wrinkle improvement, deep skin elasticity improvement and skin brightening improvement.

Benefits of using INCELLDERM Vieton Multi Stick Balm include radiance, calming, wrinkle improvement, and hydration. To use, apply it at the last step of skin care, lightly to dry areas. When you need moisturizing while carrying it, apply it frequently in a dry area.

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