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INCELLDERM Dermatology First Package EX

INCELLDERM Dermatology First Package EX

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INCELLDERM Dermatology First Package EX is a booster and serum duo that protects the skin from external environment and offers deep nourishment for a vibrant, glowing skin. The package includes Volume Booster EX 130ml / 4.39 fl.oz. and Serum EX 45 ml / 1.52 fl.oz.

What makes this product special is its double synergy care that restores skin's strength. The energy of double synergy, which takes care of your skin healthily from the basics, makes your skin bright. It also provides skin elasticity care from the basics with various nutrients of plant-derived complex care for firm skin from the basics. The rich moisture and nourishing texture improves skin moisture content and provides smooth skin texture.

Benefits of using this product include boosting skin condition, hydration, radiance, and wrinkle improvement. To use, close your eyes and spray the Dermatology Booster EX about 15cm away from your face. Then, apply Dermatology Serum EX gently along the skin texture and completely absorb it.

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