Pregnancy Body Care

Prenatal Massage $120

Our therapists will work with you to develop a treatment to improve the strength, flexibility and stability of trouble areas as your body prepares for pregnancy.


  • Prenatal massage reduces stress, edema, muscular pain, varicose veins and high blood pressure
  • Labor can be shorter and less painful; complications, medications and interventions can be reduced
  • Prenatal skincare balances oil production, gently clears breakouts, calms sensitivities, hydrates and protects skin.


Postnatal Massage

$160 (60 mins)

$ 240 (120 mins  Deluxe)

This session is both relaxing and therapeutic. Specific massage techniques are designed to ease backache, fluid retention, stress, fatigue and tired legs, as well as improving skin tone and elasticity. . This massage includes Sarah’s special technique to improve the contour of the breasts as well as the body, consisting of the waist, hips, abdomen, and thighs as well.


  • Efficient recovery, including structural and abdominal restoration, healing from Cesarean birth, and relief of muscle strain from labor and childcare activities
  • Reduction in stress and anxiety
  • Balance, hydration, and elasticity of skin, while controlling oiliness and breakouts.

TIME: 60, 120, MINUTES

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